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Make your own Easter Aquavit...

Ah, Easter lunch. Now that’s a Danish tradition that you don’t want to miss – trust me, the food is excellent and, like Christmas, incorporates lots of our favourite smorrebrod as well as the traditional Danish Snaps or Aquavit.

For the vast majority of Danes, Easter is a family holiday, and most people are off work. We cook at home, spend time with loved ones, eat, drink and have lots of hygge.
And though Danish aquavit comes in many different sizes and flavours, there is something much more enjoyable and fun about making your own.

And what would be more perfect for an Easter lunch, with lots of egg smorrebrod, than an spring cress aquavit.


1 tray Fresh Salad Cress
1 Lemon (3/4 of the lemon peel)
50cl clean aquavit (Alborg Basis or Brondums Snaps)
(Sugar syrup or runny honey)

You can use a simple jar for the aquavit or a bottle, depending on preference. You will filter the aquavit at the end of the process and can then pour it into any decanter you then prefer.

  • Cut the cress at the bottom of the stem and drop it into the aquavit.
  • Grate the lemon peel into the aquavit, avoid getting any of the white, but only grate the outer yellow peel.
  • Leave the aquavit to set for a minimum of 24 and up to a few days depending on how strong a flavour you want. 
  • Filter the aquavit – you can use a coffee or tea filter or just a fine sieve. 

Now all that’s left is to say ‘SKÅL’ and enjoy your homemade aquavit…

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