Homemade, easy sourdough...

Homemade, easy sourdough...

Sourdough is an important and tasty ingredient when making chewy and dense bread with a crisp crust like the Danish, popular Rye Bread. Making the first portion of sourdough is very easy and it only requires few and simple ingredient

– Regular flour
– Rye flour
– Water

The only downside is that it takes about 5 days to ‘start’ the first portion of a sourdough. Once it is ‘up and running’ it is easily maintained by ‘feeding’ the dough every once in a while.

A sourdough is only made from flour and water – no yeast is added. Instead a sourdough is left in an uncovered bowl on the kitchen table and then it will slowly attract wild bacteria and yeast from the air. Over time microorganisms will start grow and fermented the dough. This process normally takes about 5 days. The dough is ready when it has small bobbles and a nice sour smell. If you remember to use only the halve of the sourdough when baking, you can keep ‘feeding’ on the other halve and by that keeping it alive. If you use all of the dough you would have to start a new one from scratch.When making the first portion of sourdough the process can sometimes be speeded up by adding a little honey, buttermilk or some yeast, but this can also cause the dough to turn bad so… the simple version is the best, just make sure you have some time before you need the dough.


Regular white flour
Rye flour

In a bowl or glass mix:
1 dl regular flour
1 dl rye flour
2 dl water.
Leave the bowl on the kitchen table without a lid.

Add 1/2 dl regular flour
1/2 dl rye flour
1 dl water.
Stir or shake the mixture on a regular basis to ensure it mixed throughly.

Add 1/2 dl regular flour
1/2 dl rye flour
1 dl (1/2 cup) water.
Stir or shake regularly

Add 1/2 dl regular flour
1/2 dl rye flour
1 dl water
Stir or shake regularly

By day 5, the sourdough should now start to ferment. You will see small bobbles appear on the surface and the dough gets a nice sour smell.  Make sure that you stir or shake in the mixture a few times a day.
Sometimes the dough separates but that is ok – you just mix it together again.

At his point the sourdough is now ready to be used. You can keep it in a glass jar shaking it every now and again.

If you are not going to use the sourdough for a while, leave it in the fridge and feed it every 14 days.
Just remember to take it out 24 hours before you need it and feed it with 1/2 dl regular flour, 1/2 dl rye flour and 1 dl (1/2 cup) water.
Then the dough should be ready to use. If you use some of the dough on a regularly basis, just remember to leave some in the jar and then feed it from time to time. This will make sure that you always have some sourdough ready to be used.

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